Solar Bag

How many times have you been out and about and have really needed a way to charge your cell phone or laptop? For some, this is their worst nightmare, having such a life dependent device like a phone or even a GPS gadget in your hand and no power to run it!

The same goes for hand-held game consoles, digital cameras, MP3 players…all great gadgets but power is the most vital component. Solution? You don’t need to go and buy a load of extra batteries and carry them around for the rest of your life, a solar bag offers an eco-friendly innovative way of charging your gadgets without being tied to a power outlet! Solar-Charge your gadgets anywhere… anytime!

The ability to be self sufficient is becoming more important, people are traveling further to get to work, school or University. Today public transport is the most common form of transport throughout the world. ‘Most’ public transport does not have facilities for you to plug in your device and keep it charged, and at the same time you are often surrounded by people that you don’t know, so the large majority of this travel time is spent on your phone, iPod, iPad, etc, and that is reality.

The versatility seen with a solar bag is uncanny, having the battery pack that acts as the charge controller as well as a ‘spare’ phone battery is great. Especially considering they come with a variety of adapters that suit most common cell phones including the Nokia, iPhone/iPad/iPod etc.

Using the iPhone on GPS mode can be fun, exciting and then very frustrating, they failed to tell everyone that the iPhone battery only lasts for approx 20mins when used for GPS. This example shows how appreciative the avid trampers, backpackers or city walkers would be to have a backup power source sitting on their back slowly topping up as you catch some rays!

“But” you say “what if we don’t get sunlight to top up the battery pack?”, well the answer to that is fairly simple, most solar bags come with wall adapters to charge the battery packs from a power outlet when available and this is advisable if you intend on using your backup battery pack consistently during low light conditions.

It seems with new and popular niches like mobile phones capable of catering to most individuals daily needs creates new needs, so enters the solar bag to help fill the void of the never ending need for energy.

“What about the weight of the battery pack?” you ask. The short answer to that is less than 0.5kg/1.1lbs, the smallest battery pack (1700mAH) starts at 50grams up to the largest battery pack (8800mAH capable of charging most common Laptops) which weighs less than 0.5kg. Each Solar bag has dedicated compartments for storing the battery pack and adapters so you don’t have to worry about it getting all tangled or muddled up with all your other prized possessions etc.

Times are changing at a rapid pace, your cell phone is effectively out-of-date by the time its handed to you over the counter, your iPod has less storage or specifications than your friends because he got a new one a week after you and your digital camera now has a lower Mega Pixel rating than your cell phone. Although the Solar bag may change it will always provide what is needed, energy for the ever changing electronic device.