Right Bag Design for Your Body Size

A petite woman should avoid designs that draw attention to her tiny frame. Avoid most bags that have shoulder straps. These give the impression that the bag is too heavy for you and is weighing you down. Look for strapless handbags you can easily carry under your arm. When attending formal occasion or dinner, go with a classy clutch bag that matches your outfit.

If you have a tiny frame but are tall as well, do not get a design that accentuates your height. This means that you should keep away from slender bags with short straps. If the design has straps, get medium-sized straps that end at your waist. Make sure that the design is wider than it is slender to avoid looking elongated.

Women with a large frame or plus size women may be tempted to get a small bag easy to carry. A small bag however draws a comparison between your size and the bag making you look bigger than you actually are. Buy large bags with a firm frame to complement you. This gives an overall balanced look.

Women with average height and body shape can get away with various designs but should make sure it suits them by trying on in front of a mirror to have a better view.

An important point to note is no matter your body size get an all weather bag that goes with practically anything. This design should be in neutral colors such as brown black or grey that goes with as many outfits as possible in your closet. Get an average size with enough space for all accessories you use daily.