Animal Print Handbags

You’ll surely love visiting this site in your quest for top quality Leopard Print Handbags in exclusive stylish designs. Whether you’re a laid-back user or an admirer, you can be sure of finding a handbag that best suits your requirements.


Different styles of bags with various types of animal prints, zebra print bags, fur handbags, super stylish leopard-print bags are very much in vogue these days. The High Street offers you an abundance of excellent leopard-print accessories, with many shops selling a variety of brands like accessories, Claire’s, New Look, and Top Shop. You may even try your local market for leopard type bags and really stylish accessories, that match your style and taste. You can also find many online stores retailing leopard print bags for formal or casual use. Ordering online is convenient, time saving and economical too. Moreover, you can compare the prices without having to bear the strain of going from one store to another.

Save money

The ongoing not so pleasant economic scenario has necessitated austerity in spending on items, which are not so essential; definitely include our personal accessories like handbags. If you are really keen on saving substantial money while purchasing animal print bags, animal purses or leopard type bags, you’ll find it worthwhile to search for these at charity shops, thrift stores or search online sites offering used bags.

All those sources for getting your kind of bag at your kind of prices are fine, but if you can remain patient for a while and wait for the shops at the High Street to announce their sales, you can indeed get awesome bags at down to earth prices. You’ll find numerous quality designer print bags during the clearance sale at big stores as you will also at retail outlets. For the most modern and top designer and fashionable leopard-print handbags, you’ll get the best deals at online stores. Some of the sites you should not ignore while carrying your online search for bags at affordable prices are: Amazon, Crazy Clearance, eBay, and the like. Additionally, you should watch out for exceptional offers, coupon sales and money-saving vouchers available at online saving sites.

First-class Animal Print Handbags are always accompanied by the best of services. Any order for such a bag gets priority. You certainly expect top class service when you are buying top class Leopard Print Handbags. Rest assured, your package will be handled with care and delivered promptly.

Types of Tote Bags

You can see totes bags of any type in every household. For girls, we normally use them as a carry on for our books our purses, make up, clothing and so on. For the men, they are used as alternative to plastic bags as it carries a lot more items especially ones that are heavier than your average bag. Besides, they are way more environmentally friendly.

Totes are multi purpose and not only do individuals feel the need to own one but business owners, companies, retail outlets and supermarkets all have their very own version to not only give their clients and consumers a better way to carry things but to also promote their brand, their business and their company.

No matter what industry you are in, bags are a great keeper. They are made using different types of material. There is the basic tote bag and there are custom tote bags that take the simple bag to a whole new level.

A reliable tote bag can be the ultimate carry all – be it for work or play. To avoid looking like a lost bag lady, pick a tote that can contain all essential items without looking like an overstuffed shopping cart. In this case, selecting a tote bag with a reliable structure is important.

Here are some types of tote bags that are popular with the masses:

  • Canvas. Canvas tote bags are the most common types of totes. They are much preferred as they are tough and durable, making them the ultimate carries-all bag for everyday use. Canvas totes come in different size, colors and designs.
  • Custom. Custom bags are the most over the top tote as they are designed with stylish and eye-catching prints. These prints can be paisley designs, pop art, names, taglines, characters, stamps- you name it, you got it. Custom bags are not your average tote as these comes with additional pockets, buttons, fabric swatches as well as different compartments.
  • Designer. Designer’s bags are a lot more expensive than the average tote. These totes are made by designers or famous manufacturers and brands. Most of them are very stylish and expensive but are still ideal for casual and formal use. Just like custom tote bags, these designer bags also come with pockets and compartments.
  • Personalized. Personalized bags are commonly used by companies and industries with the main objective of promoting their brand, business and services. These personalized tote bags are made according to the designs and specifications of the client’s preference. Most of these bags are personalized according to the color that is desired by the client and it usually follows with names, taglines and logos.

Buying Discount Fashion Bags

Branded bags are always the best choice, as they are typically made with materials that are of good quality. Much care also goes into their designs and finish. But because these bags have a brand, usually a name of a famous designer and are made with best materials, they are very expensive most of the time. If your problem is how to get a designer bag for half of its original price, don’t worry because you don’t always have to pay a lot for it because there are options when it comes to buying discount fashion bags and ways to do this.

Even if you are on a tight budget, it is still important to look out at a reputable store. This store normally offer designer handbags and if they are on sale, you can get their item at a discount price. Department stores and brand retail outlets often have a clearance section of old designs of handbags and surplus merchandise when a new line of items is expected to be released. You can regularly check a favorite store to make sure that you can get great deals of designer bags from them. Consignment stores can also be checked out, where barely-used bags in pretty good condition are available.

Online shopping is also a good shopping alternative if you opt for discount fashion bags. There are so many online stores that are high competitive, trying to beat each other by offing a wide choices of different designer bags at lower prices. Online stores more frequently offer discounts as well.

When buying a branded fashion handbag however, you should be aware of the knock-off or replica items. You must be a wise shopper by checking the materials and craftsmanship on the bags. Knock-offs bags are typically manufactured to mimic original designer bags, but are sold cheaper. You can easily spot the difference between a knock-off designer bag and original designer bag because knock-offs are usually made up of low quality materials – which is why they are cheap. Misspelled brand names and lumpy stitching are also signs that a bag is knock-off.

If you are persistent in opting for discount designer bags, you can also join in some online shopping communities. This is if you chose to shop online, but since there is some elements of risk in buying fashion bags online, by joining a related community you cannot only avoid risk but you can also get great deals from your co-members. They can assure you that the bag you bought from them is at a discount price and in good quality, because a member would never sell anything less to his/her fellow member.

Solar Bag

How many times have you been out and about and have really needed a way to charge your cell phone or laptop? For some, this is their worst nightmare, having such a life dependent device like a phone or even a GPS gadget in your hand and no power to run it!

The same goes for hand-held game consoles, digital cameras, MP3 players…all great gadgets but power is the most vital component. Solution? You don’t need to go and buy a load of extra batteries and carry them around for the rest of your life, a solar bag offers an eco-friendly innovative way of charging your gadgets without being tied to a power outlet! Solar-Charge your gadgets anywhere… anytime!

The ability to be self sufficient is becoming more important, people are traveling further to get to work, school or University. Today public transport is the most common form of transport throughout the world. ‘Most’ public transport does not have facilities for you to plug in your device and keep it charged, and at the same time you are often surrounded by people that you don’t know, so the large majority of this travel time is spent on your phone, iPod, iPad, etc, and that is reality.

The versatility seen with a solar bag is uncanny, having the battery pack that acts as the charge controller as well as a ‘spare’ phone battery is great. Especially considering they come with a variety of adapters that suit most common cell phones including the Nokia, iPhone/iPad/iPod etc.

Using the iPhone on GPS mode can be fun, exciting and then very frustrating, they failed to tell everyone that the iPhone battery only lasts for approx 20mins when used for GPS. This example shows how appreciative the avid trampers, backpackers or city walkers would be to have a backup power source sitting on their back slowly topping up as you catch some rays!

“But” you say “what if we don’t get sunlight to top up the battery pack?”, well the answer to that is fairly simple, most solar bags come with wall adapters to charge the battery packs from a power outlet when available and this is advisable if you intend on using your backup battery pack consistently during low light conditions.

It seems with new and popular niches like mobile phones capable of catering to most individuals daily needs creates new needs, so enters the solar bag to help fill the void of the never ending need for energy.

“What about the weight of the battery pack?” you ask. The short answer to that is less than 0.5kg/1.1lbs, the smallest battery pack (1700mAH) starts at 50grams up to the largest battery pack (8800mAH capable of charging most common Laptops) which weighs less than 0.5kg. Each Solar bag has dedicated compartments for storing the battery pack and adapters so you don’t have to worry about it getting all tangled or muddled up with all your other prized possessions etc.

Times are changing at a rapid pace, your cell phone is effectively out-of-date by the time its handed to you over the counter, your iPod has less storage or specifications than your friends because he got a new one a week after you and your digital camera now has a lower Mega Pixel rating than your cell phone. Although the Solar bag may change it will always provide what is needed, energy for the ever changing electronic device.

White Carrier Bags

White Carrier Bags are also one such product in the market. Given below are some advantages as why this bag is ideal for purchase:

  • Primarily they are one of the best for promotional purposes. They offer very good exposure and brand visibility
  • They are made of good quality White Paper – mainly Kraft and has a thickness of 70gsm and above
  • They feature either tape or cord handles which are fixed from the interior of the bag
  • It has a flat block bottom so that it can carry box-type packages
  • Most suitable for carrying lighter weights
  • Ideal for carrying food
  • Commonly used at cafes, take away outlets, catering outlets and retail stores
  • They can be manufactured in bulk; this offers bigger discounts

Considering the above advantages, White Carrier Bags will be always selected for its prime reason – as a product for good brand exposure. Most business companies are looking for the best and most effective marketing strategy to keep their products/services known in the market. These bags are the ideal choice because it can carry your message loud and clear and more importantly bags today are a utility product. They are required by every person in their day to day lives.

A main requirement for a successful distribution of promotional merchandise is that your brand message has to be imprinted clearly and attractively. A lot depends on the promotional item itself – the amount of space it has to offer for imprinting. In the case of White Carrier Bags you can achieve both of above two concerns effectively. You have the liberty of using both sides of the bag and this allows you to design a clear and attractive message.

When you select your online bag supplier, you will be offered the professional services of the staff who work at the companies. They will help you in choosing the right bag and also provide you the assistance of doing a good design.

Given below are some advantages in using this bag as a promotional product:

  • Brand visibility can be increased with the imprints on both sides of the bag
  • The body surface of the bag can be effectively used to print brand identity components so that it will get easily noticed by potential customers
  • Since it has a white background, vibrant colours can be used to attract more attention
  • You can even consider using the option of embossing to add more elegance and also to attract attention

The above mentioned aspects which are basic should be strongly considered to produce a good quality promotional product. However, the more features you add the cost of the White Carrier Bags too can increase. Therefore you need to decide for yourself to imprint what exact message you need to take to your potential customers whilst working within your available budget.